Paving Services for Homeowners Associations

Asphalt and Concrete Paving Services for HOAs: 5 EssentialsIf you’re in charge of a homeowners association, you know that making your residential neighborhood a wonderful place to call home is a top priority. Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood that is poorly maintained; and that desire for quality goes right down to the pavement everyone drives, parks and walks on. Potholes, cracks and crumbling sidewalks are not welcoming, and they send an unappealing message about the HOA. On the other hand, a well-paved … [Read more...]

4 Asphalt Repairs Your Parking Lot May Need this Spring

Northern Virginia winters can be unpredictable to say the least. But every year we have at least a few, if not several bouts of freeze/thaw weather with snow, ice and/or water that can weaken your asphalt parking lots. Once the weather clears in the spring, it’s important for property managers to know what to look for when they inspect their properties’ parking lots and roadways. The faster winter damage is repaired, the less expensive and time-consuming it will be, which will create less inconvenience for … [Read more...]

How To Protect Asphalt in Winter

Potholes and cracks  are very big problem and they are dangerous to road users...​6 Smart Tips for Protecting Your Asphalt from Winter’s WorstSnowplows, ice melt, freezing temps… all of these things can really damage your asphalt if you haven’t prepared it properly. In our widely varying Northern Virginia climate, the biggest problem is the various states of matter that water can assume, depending on the temperature from day to day. To put it clearly: Liquid water can seep into small cracks and holes in … [Read more...]

5 New Year’s Pavement Project Planning Tips for Property Managers

DLA Headquarters, Ft. Belvoir, VA - Parking lot pavement work...Welcome to the new year to all the property managers out there! It’s that time of the year when everyone’s figuring out budgets, projects and the biggest needs on their property for the upcoming year. Prioritizing projects is the essence of wise property management, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what should come first. Should you get that new area paved? Does an older area need repairs or sealcoating? Are the drainage systems in order? … [Read more...]

4 Things You Must Do to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Winter

It’s cooling down fast now—temps at night are below freezing and wintery weather will most certainly arrive at some point. Is your parking lot prepared to withstand the pressure? If not, there’s still some time and good weather left in the forecast. Contact Espina Paving at (703) 491-9100 if you still need to check any of these parking lot winter preparation checklist items:1. Sealcoating and crack fillingHave you kept up with the sealcoating and crack filling maintenance schedule for all of your parking lots? … [Read more...]

Commercial Paving Services for Property Management Firms

If you are a property manager in need of commercial paving services in Northern Virginia, you probably have a lot of questions. You know that well-maintained parking lots and roadways all contribute to a property’s positive image and curb appeal. Conversely, parking lots and roadways gutted with potholes, alligator cracking and puddles severely detract from the image you want your property to convey to potential customers, clients or tenants. Because the exterior of a property, including the paved areas, are … [Read more...]

4 Urgent Reasons to Fix Potholes before Winter

Northern Virginia has a “fun” climate. All four seasons, some of which can swing to extremes, particularly during the summer and winter. And, of course, even spring and autumn can bring unexpected and harsh weather as well. That is why you simply cannot wait to have a small pothole repaired around here—especially as we slide into the winter months. The increase in precipitation, wild temperature swings and the freeze thaw cycle can turn small cracks into small potholes and small potholes into gaping car … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Repave and Save with Asphalt in Your Apartment Parking Lot

Apartment complex property managers have to spin many plates to be successful at what they do. Keeping current tenants happy, attracting new ones, dealing with unsightly property damage, keeping the place looking great within a certain budget… the list goes on and on. In fact, one area that touches on all of these aspects is the parking lot. It’s both a safety and curb appeal issue that can impact the way investors and tenants feel about the complex, so it can significantly impact the budget.If the parking lot … [Read more...]

4 Essential Best Practices for Municipal Paving Projects

If you’re in charge of running a city, town or neighborhood, you know that your entire community relies on the roads every day. Smooth, safe roads keep the local economy running—not to mention the fact that they help prevent accidents, property damage, injuries and fatalities! Municipal paving projects are essential, but can be expensive! So if it’s time for your community to invest in new asphalt installation, ask your municipal paving contractor candidates the following questions to make sure they can … [Read more...]

6 Surprising Ways our Commercial Paving Company Can Save Money for Your Business

If you run a business, you are constantly looking for ways to make the budget better. Where can you invest wisely? Where can you cut judiciously? How can you stretch those dollars just a bit further? You have to take all aspects of your budget into account—including the property it’s on! One oft-overlooked area where you can invest wisely to save lots of money over time is your asphalt. All of the parking areas and roadways leading to them can either harbor budget busting problems, or good asphalt can quietly … [Read more...]

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