Asphalt Case Studies

Parking Lot Paving Project in Ft. Belvoir, VA

Project Name: DLA Headquarters  

Location: 5601 Pole Road, Ft. Belvoir, VA.

The Challenge: Espina Paving Inc. was hired to mill and overlay the entire parking lot. There were areas that were tight on drainage, this project had to be paved by an experienced field crew, in order for the parking lot to have positive drainage.

The Solution: Espina Paving Inc. was able to successfully repave the parking lot and to create positive drainage.

Alexandria Road Paving Project

Project Name: North Royal Street Improvements

Location: 1125 North Royal Street, Alexandria, VA.

The Challenge: This milling and paving project was to address all of the utility cuts in the asphalt. We were hired to mill and pave a section of roadway where all the cuts were.

The Solution: Milled off the surface asphalt and repaved. Applied pavement markings as previous layout. Furnish labor and equipment and installed a cross walk with stamped asphalt.

New Concrete Patio at The Virginian Retirement Community

Project Name: New Concrete Patio at The Virginian Retirement Community

Location: 9229 Arlington Blvd, Fairfax. VA 22031.

The Challenge: Provide a decorative patio with a wandering foot path, while maintaining ADA slope Requirements for wheel chairs and wheeled walkers at a retirement community.

The Solution: The EPI Concrete division did extensive pre-construction engineering of the grades at all points of entry. With the proper elevations set the 1200sqft patio was layed out to keep all slopes below the required 5%. The control joints were layed out to provide the proper egress while maintaining a decorative look.

Premier Plaza Parking Lot Milling and Paving Project

Project Name: Premier Plaza Parking Lot Milling and Paving Project

Location: 6120 Brandon Ave., Springfield, VA.

The Challenge: The Parking lot was surrounded by three buildings, we have to mill and pave in phases. This allowed us to work around the foot traffic and allowed the business to operate at capacity with minimum disturbance.

The Solution: Broke the parking lot into four phases and mill and paved each lot, to make sure we finished each section before moving to a new one.