Asphalt and Concrete Paving Services for HOAs

asphalt paving for HOAs

One of the prime drivers of satisfaction with community association homeownership is overall community appearance. A well-maintained community creates a safe atmosphere for existing tenants. Furthermore, a positive image attracts new residents.

Espina Paving has over 40 years of experience helping community associations in Washington DC Metro Area manage the maintenance and repair of communal parking areas, streets, and/or pathways. Our site engineers know the current challenges affecting associations. As a result, we are able to offer insightful, cost-effective solutions that protect an asphalt or concrete investment and make a favorable impression well beyond the surface.

How We Work

Before beginning any work upcoming projects are carefully planned and sequenced in advance with daily adjustments for unforeseen weather and other factors as required. Association property managers juggle numerous projects simultaneously, oftentimes short-handed. That is why Espina Paving offers a solution to pavement maintenance that eliminates burden and saves time for customers. One of our project managers is assigned to each project to coordinate all onsite construction activities.

Work can be scheduled and completed in stages so that access to the property or neighborhood remains open during the entire procedure.

The end result is a well-maintained parking area, street, and/or pathway that meets or exceeds community expectations.


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About the Author

With Espina Paving being a family business, I have been exposed to the construction industry my whole life. I graduated college on a Friday, and was building roads on Monday. Having served many functions within the company, I am currently overseeing our day to day operations.