What Does Snow Do to Asphalt?

The only thing you can really say about a Northern Virginia winter is that it will be unpredictable. Sometimes we get piles of snow, sometimes ice storms, sometimes we get wild weather mood swings with temperatures that rise and fall drastically. All of this can be hard on your parking lots and roads. As spring starts peeking its head around the corner of the end of winter, it’s time to take a look at what this past winter left behind in your paved areas. Better yet, if it’s summer when you read this, take a … [Read more...]

Why Are There Puddles on My Parking Lot?

The ideal parking lot should, if at all possible, be devoid of puddles shortly after the rain stops falling. If you end up with puddles of standing water lingering on your parking lot long after the storm ends, this can indicate several different problems with the asphalt or its foundations. It’s important to troubleshoot these puddles as soon as possible so they don’t lead to further (and more expensive) water damage. Asphalt Ruts and Uneven Compaction Sometimes the puddles are caused by poor parking … [Read more...]

3 Things You Need to Know about Municipal Paving Projects

If you are in charge of going through bids for a municipal paving project in your town or city, you know how hard it can be to choose the right one. This is because not every paving contractor has the experience, equipment or know-how to pave on such a large scale. Municipal paving contractors have to be able to do things on a very large scale—and they have to be able to fit into the budget and time frame you need. It’s not like paving a driveway or two; these are roads and streets that your citizens have … [Read more...]

9 Tips for a Long-Lasting Parking Lot

If your job entails managing property with parking lots in Northern Virginia (and let’s face it, if you manage property, you manage parking lots), then you know just how crazy the climate and traffic can be on those smooth, black surfaces. If you are staring in dismay at potholes, alligator cracking or inexplicable pooling after every rainstorm, then following these 9 tips might just help relieve at least one of your property managing headaches: 1. Tour the Parking Lot Regularly keep an eye on any potential … [Read more...]

Property Manager’s Asphalt Paving Budget Tips

An aging parking lot can be a tricky place for property managers. The budget is always tight, of course, but you can’t very well let those cracks turn into potholes—or let the potholes get any bigger than they are. If you manage a busy shopping center, homeowners association or other property with lots of pavement to take care of, you know that there are lots of good reasons to maintain the parking lot just as well as you would any other essential part of the property. For example:Safety—Cracks turn into … [Read more...]

3 Ways Smooth Asphalt Saves Money

Everybody knows it’s easier to drive over a nice, smooth stretch of asphalt pavement than it is to drive over a bumpy, pothole-pocked surface. But did you know it can actually save money and make a smaller imprint on the environment at the same time? The following are just three ways in which smooth asphalt pavement makes life better for everyone: 1. Smooth Asphalt Boosts Fuel Economy A recent report surveying differences between the fuel economy of vehicles traveling on concrete vs. different types of … [Read more...]

Asphalt Pavement for Tennis Courts

Tennis courts—they’re a centerpiece for sports centers, parks and neighborhoods and they keep people active. They bring in clients, tenants and buyers, and more often than not, they are paved with asphalt. Asphalt makes a great tennis court paving surface for many reasons—just as tennis courts make great additions to towns, parks and communities. If you’re thinking of installing one near you, call Espina Paving at (703) 491-9100 to talk about asphalt pavement for your tennis court. Why Should You Use Asphalt … [Read more...]

Protect Your Asphalt: Fixing Potholes, Patch Failures and Swells

Potholes, patch failures and swells can dimple, rut and damage your roads and parking lots. They can also cause damage to cars, create safety hazards and negatively impact the people who use those asphalt roads, drives and parking areas.The best way to prevent (or at least significantly delay) these common asphalt problems is to have the asphalt installed correctly in the first place. The second way is to make sure regular maintenance and cleaning is performed and that the overlays and sealcoats are … [Read more...]

4 Effects Snow Has on Your Asphalt Pavement

Once winter really gets going, you probably wake up in the morning with a mug of cocoa in one hand while busily checking the road conditions on your phone with the other—hoping your snow removal team has cleared your parking lots and roadways so people can get to your establishment, or make it to work or to the store if they need to. What you may not be thinking about, though it may be tickling the back of your mind come spring, is what all this wacky winter weather is doing to your asphalt pavement. Here’s … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Selecting an Asphalt Contractor for Your Municipal Project

 Making sure the roads in your town are good to go during any season of the year is a matter of public safety, public trust and responsibility. If your municipality needs road repair or replacement, or even to build entirely new roads, it’s important to know how to select an asphalt contractor that is well qualified to handle these major municipal paving jobs while staying on budget, on schedule, and, most of all, laying down strong, high quality pavement for your citizens. Here’s where to start: 1. … [Read more...]

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