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Northern Virginia Asphalt Paving Contractor: COVID-19 Precautions

All of us here at Espina Paving have been watching the global spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 with a great deal of concern, just like everyone else. During these uncertain and unsettling times, we want to encourage all of our clients and neighbors to keep your chins up and keep following the CDC’s and WHO’s recommendations for social distancing, hand washing and following critical stay-at-home orders. By staying calm and being smart, we can beat this together as a community and come back stronger than before. 

As a commercial and municipal asphalt paving contractor in VA, MD, DC since 1976, we still provide essential services to the community, and are committed to following all federal and state regulations, as well as health and safety directives from the CDC during this time to keep our clients and employees healthy. We wanted to let you know about these policies and practices. Also, keep in mind that as the situation with COVID-19 rapidly evolves, we will continue to adapt to follow the best health and safety guidelines available so that we can stop the spread of this virus and help our communities heal and get back to work: 

  • We communicate daily with each of our employees, making sure everyone is healthy before coming to work. 
  • If an employee starts experiencing any illness symptoms, we give them sick leave immediately and advise them to stay home until they are no longer contagious. 
  • On all municipal and commercial paving projects, we practice social distancing rules between employees, clients and the public. 
  • We communicate with our clients regularly and promptly if, for any reason, they need to reschedule. 
  • Our employees use sanitizing wipes on a regular basis, and frequently-touched equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitized. 
  • We brief our employees daily on the latest regulations coming from state and federal officials, as well as any new health and hygiene recommendations from health officials. 

As the situation continues to develop, we will let our clients know of any other precautions or schedule changes we might need to make. 

We know that many of our fellow business owners in Northern Virginia are facing shutdowns of an undetermined amount of time. Our thoughts are with all of you, your employees and families at this time. 

For those businesses considered essential and still operating, lower traffic rates and the warmer weather make this a good time to take care of essential parking lot maintenance, pothole repairs and roadway repairs or maintenance. Keeping the roads smooth and clear will also help prevent accidents and other problems during this time when we need to keep the roads clear for emergency and other essential services.

If you have any questions about Espina’s commercial and municipal paving services during the coronavirus situation, please contact us at (703) 491-9100. We’re here for you.

All the Best, from all of us at Espina Paving.

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Jose Roubin

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With Espina Paving being a family business, I have been exposed to the construction industry my whole life. I graduated college on a Friday, and was building roads on Monday. Having served many functions within the company, I am currently overseeing our day to day operations.

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