Plan Your School's Asphalt and Concrete Maintenance for the Summer


Summer is Time for Parking Lot, Sidewalk, and Walkway Maintenance for Schools and Universities

With schools and universities approaching summer break, it's time to plan your summer asphalt maintenance plan. Summer offers a much easier window for repairs with minimal disruption, thanks to significantly fewer students and staff on campus. 

If you are in charge of maintenance issues at your school or university, keep in mind that these outdoor areas of your campus need to be maintained for school safety and functionality, just as any indoor area of your campus. Here are some important areas to check for repair or maintenance. If you see any of these issues, be sure to contact Espina Paving for assistance. We provide asphalt and concrete paving services for schools and universities throughout Northern Virginia, the D.C. area, and Maryland

1. Cracking and Potholes in the Parking Lot

Every year, school parking lots undergo heavy traffic, torrential rainstorms, the freeze-thaw cycle, and hot summers under sweltering UV rays. Eventually, these conditions will cause even a good parking lot to develop cracks. Small cracks, if not filled, eventually turn into large cracks because traffic and water will make them grow. If the foundation under the parking lot gets infiltrated by water while traffic continues, the cracks can get bigger and turn into potholes. These issues never get smaller, so acting fast on the small cracks is the best way for schools to save money. 

2. Long-Standing Puddles

The kids might enjoy jumping in them, but long-standing puddles on the playground or in the parking lot are a sign of expensive paving trouble brewing. It’s natural for puddles to form during heavy rainstorms, but if they don’t drain off quickly once the rain is gone, there’s likely an issue with the drainage for your parking lot or playground. It can also be a sign that low spots are developing because of weaknesses in the pavement’s sub-base (foundation) that could turn into big cracks and potholes that could cause safety problems in the future. 

3. Uneven Sidewalks and Pathways 

Uneven spots on sidewalks and pathways can cause people to trip, fall, and get injured while walking or riding their bikes. Since these are safety issues that could cause liabilities as well as injuries, educational institutions need to get these problems fixed as soon as possible to protect their students, instructors, staff, and visitors. Espina Paving can help install smooth, even concrete sidewalks, asphalt pathways, playgrounds, and university recreation areas that keep everyone safe. 

4. Faded Directional and Parking Lines

If the parking lines and directional signs in your school parking lot are dull, chipped, or entirely missing, it’s time to have these repainted or reimagined for better safety and efficiency. Often, this is a sign that it’s time to have your parking lots seal-coated again, which should happen every two or three years, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Staying on your parking lots’ regular seal-coating schedule can prevent small cracks from enlarging, which saves schools and universities money in the long run. 

5. Accessibility Features

If your school needs to improve accessibility for any patrons with disabilities, contact Espina Paving. We can install wheelchair ramps that can make it easier for your school or university to serve a diverse student population with a variety of needs.  

Espina Paving has nearly three decades of experience providing concrete paving and asphalt paving services for schools and universities across Northern Virginia and the D.C. area. If your school needs help with parking lots, pathways, sidewalks, playgrounds, tennis courts, wheelchair ramps, dumpster pads, or other paving issues, contact us today at (703) 491-9100.


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