Asphalt Maintenance Services for Hotels and Restaurants

asphalt paving for hotels and restaurants

The best hosts anticipate every aspect of their guest’s experience staying with or eating with them. Ensuring a safe, enjoyable, hassle free time is important so that your customers and guests feel they have been well taken care of and will want to return. One often-overlooked area in the hospitality industry can is actually of your facility’s crucial workhorses: the parking lot. Not only are there customer service issues to be considered when it comes to asphalt maintenance services for hotels and restaurants, there are safety and liability issues as well. For example:

Safety—Any number of things could go wrong in a restaurant or hotel parking lot when it isn’t properly maintained. Here in Northern Virginia, our climate can be very harsh on the asphalt. Ice, snow, ice-melt chemicals, inexperienced snow-removal crews, hot, humid weather, sun, car fluid spills, debris, etc. can all lead to little cracks that eventually become annoying and potentially hazardous potholes. Improper drainage can also lead to problems with safety. The last thing a restaurateur wants is for a diner to twist an ankle on the way in to have dinner. The last thing an hotelier wants is a guest complaining of luggage damaged because of parking lot problems.

Accessibility—When the parking lot and asphalt walkways are cluttered with debris, cracks, poor drainage, buckling or potholes, this makes it difficult and potentially dangerous for your guests—and particularly your guests with disabilities—to traverse your establishment. With our regularly-scheduled asphalt maintenance services for hotels and restaurants can remove these obstacles and pave the way for all of your guests to enjoy what you have to offer them.

Liability—Not only are safety and accessibility essential matters of basic hospitality, a poorly maintained parking lot can also bring legal problems with it. For instance, modern building codes require hotels and restaurants to make their premises wheelchair accessible with the appropriate ramps, lifts and safety features, all of which can affect the paved areas around your buildings. Guests who become injured or who suffer damage to their car or other property due to poor asphalt maintenance may also take you to court, which is far more expensive than simply making sure regular asphalt maintenance gets taken care of in the first place.

Our asphalt maintenance services for hotels and restaurants include the following:

  • New Asphalt Construction
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Asphalt Overly with Fabric
  • Sealcoating (strongly recommended every 24-36 months)
  • Asphalt patching and repairs to full replacements
  • Asphalt rehabilitation
  • Asphalt recycling
  • Trails, ramps and pathways
  • Environmentally-friendly paving practices

Here at Espina Paving, Inc., we can make sure that your asphalt paving provides a smooth, trouble-free surface that enables all of your guests to come and go with ease. We recommend that the facilities manager or another responsible employee be tasked with the job of frequently walking around the parking lot to check for cracks, debris, spills, potholes, buckling, poor drainage areas, etc. If you notice any of these things, call us at (703) 491-9100 right away to have our experts come out to provide the necessary asphalt maintenance services for hotels and restaurants so you can focus on your guests.


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