Asphalt Maintenance Services for Schools and Universities


Making sure students and teachers can get to school is critical. But one aspect of school accessibility that often goes overlooked until there is a problem is the asphalt maintenance. Parking lots, walkways from one building to another, access roads, etc. need to stay in good condition for safety reasons first and foremost. Heavy traffic from automobiles and busses, as well as the extremely variable and sometimes severe weather conditions, we experience in our area takes a toll on these areas of our schools and other institutions of learning in Northern Virginia. Asphalt maintenance services for schools and universities are some of the most frequent jobs we do here at Espina Paving.

We understand that school and university administrators always struggle with balancing their educational mission, tight budgets, and maintenance—so Espina Paving makes asphalt maintenance services for schools and universities cost effective and hassle free. Keeping your paved surfaces well-maintained can actually save money in the long-term. Our asphalt paving and maintenance services provide schools and universities with the following benefits:

  • Safety and accessibility—The top priority for schools and universities is making sure students can get a great education, followed closely by removing any barriers there might be to achieving that first goal. Making sure students, teachers, parents and other staff have safe, well-drained, pothole- and obstacle-free parking lots and clear pathways from one building to the other can help everyone, including those with disabilities, get where they need to go to access and facilitate learning.
  • Cost effectiveness—We understand that education budgets are always tight. But proper, regular facilities maintenance can actually save money along the line. Insurance costs and potential legal problems can be avoided with regular parking lot and pathway maintenance because this eliminates important safety and accessibility concerns. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. And Espina Paving helps with its asphalt maintenance services for schools and universities by keeping all parking lots, pathways, ramps and access roads safe and smooth.
  • Environmental Sustainability—Schools, universities and many other learning institutions are very eager to make sure that their facilities and projects are environmentally friendly, and Espina Paving can help here too. No matter the project, we recycle nearly all of the materials we use and use recycled materials in our projects, often with a significant increase in the quality of the job. Not only that, but we use green paving technologies that actually improve the quality of water runoff from our parking lots and access roads.

If you are tasked with maintenance and facilities safety and upgrades, contact Espina Paving for any asphalt maintenance services for schools and universities: (703) 491-9100.


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With Espina Paving being a family business, I have been exposed to the construction industry my whole life. I graduated college on a Friday, and was building roads on Monday. Having served many functions within the company, I am currently overseeing our day to day operations.

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