Espina Paving’s Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Installing wheel stops at recently completed parking lot

Parking lots do a lot of work with very little thanks. You drive on them, walk over them, park on them… they get sunned on, rained on, snowed on, leaked on, salted, sanded, plowed—the list goes on. If you own or manage a parking area, do not take it for granted! Employing these parking lot maintenance tips will help you save on potential repair costs while also minimizing safety hazards for your employees, residents or customers.

Year-Round Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping a tidy parking lot not only improves the curb appeal of your property, it helps the parking lot do its job with fewer potential problems and liabilities. Schedule the following parking lot maintenance tasks on a regular basis throughout the year to protect your pavement and everyone who drives, parks or walks on it:

  • Check for cracks in the asphalt—Regularly survey the condition of your parking lot and address cracks quickly. Water can seep into these cracks and weaken the foundation of the parking lot, leading to buckles and potholes. Weeds can also easily take root in parking lot cracks and further damage the foundation, so make sure to remove any weeds and have cracks repaired promptly before things start growing out of control.
  • Have the parking lot swept regularly—Rocks, trash, debris, nails, etc. can damage the tires of cars driving into your parking lot and trip people walking through the area. These can also poke holes and cause cracks in the pavement itself. Schedule a regular sweeping service and remove any debris anytime you see some.
  • Clean up spills—Oil, antifreeze and other fluid spills aren’t just messy and inconvenient; they can weaken your parking lot and create other safety hazards. For smart parking lot maintenance to save money and prevent damage, clean these spills up promptly and don’t let them sit around.
  • Keep drainage basins clear—Prevent ponding water hazards by making sure all drainage ditches and basins are clear of debris, leaves, etc.
  • Don’t park heavy equipment near the edges; this can weaken and damage your parking lot very easily.
  • Keep parking spaces clearly marked for safety reasons.
  • If possible, try to vary the places where people park to avoid dips, depressions and excessive wear and tear in isolated areas.

Seasonal Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

  • Warm, dry weather is a good time to have your asphalt parking lot re-sealed. Make sure to have the parking lot resealed every 2-4 years depending on how heavy the traffic is on your parking lot and any other damage-control considerations.
  • In the winter, hire a professional snow-removal service to plow, salt and sand your parking lot. Some winter damage is usually inevitable, but experienced snow removal teams know how to minimize the risks to go easy on your pavement.

Espina Paving has 30 years of paving experience and we have a lot of advice and help for parking lot owners and managers.

If you have any questions or concerns about parking lot maintenance, just give us a call at (703) 491-9100!


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