Now You Can Go Green with Your Next Paving Project

Green Paving in Fairfax Parking Lot

Go Green with Your Next Paving Project: Espina Paving’s Green Paving Practices

Environmental friendliness is hardly the first thing anyone thinks about when they think about parking lots, driveways and pavement. Nevertheless, concrete and asphalt are a fact of modern life. If you own or manage a business or residential community, but wilt a little every time you hear Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” we just want to let you know that yes! Now you can go green with your next paving project with Espina Paving!

One of Espina Paving’s major green paving practices is making sure that we recycle nearly every bit of old asphalt and concrete we remove from any project. You can be sure that whatever old material we remove from your project, we are going to find some way to reduce, reuse and recycle it into something newer, better and environmentally friendly. In fact, that is one of the great things about modern paving technology: most of the old materials can be recycled and reused without any negative impact to the new paving projects whatsoever. In fact, we can often improve the quality of new projects through our recycling practices!

Not only do we recycle pretty much everything we take away from an old parking lot or other paving project, but we also use a lot of other recycled materials to save acres upon acres of landfill space every year. Some of the stuff Espina Paving uses in its green paving practices include: recycled roofing shingles, rubber from old tires, glass, blast furnace slag and other manufacturing byproducts. Not only are we preventing these things from polluting the earth and clogging up landfills, but it saves our customers money and conserves natural resources when we reuse and recycle these materials into new paving projects!

Another way we can help you go green with your next paving project is by using new technologies and materials that go lighter on the environment in the first place. One of these new and exciting technologies is porous asphalt. This type of asphalt layer is revolutionizing the way we pave and the way roads and parking lots deal with runoff water—in positive ways. Porous asphalt allows rain water and snow melt to drain through it and a special recharge bed underneath actually filters pollution out of the water, so that as it runs off into drainage ditches, streams and rivers, it’s much, much cleaner! This type of pavement also prevents the damaging ponding and spray that happens during a downpour. This improves visibility and safety for those driving through or parking on your property.

So, yes! Now you can go green with your next paving project! To learn more about Espina Paving’s green paving practices and how they can help you make your property more environmentally friendly, give us a call today at (703) 491-9100!


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