Important Issues for Municipal Paving Projects


3 Things You Need to Know about Municipal Paving Projects

f you are in charge of going through bids for a municipal paving project in your town or city, you know how hard it can be to choose the right one. This is because not every paving contractor has the experience, equipment or know-how to pave on such a large scale. Municipal paving contractors have to be able to do things on a very large scale—and they have to be able to fit into the budget and time frame you need. It’s not like paving a driveway or two; these are roads and streets that your citizens have tasked you with the responsibility of keeping in safe-driving order. So when going through the bids, here are 3 things you need to know to select the right municipal paving contractor:

1. Experience Paving for Municipalities

Your short list of Northern Virginia municipal paving contractors should have already had good experience paving for municipalities in the past. You should be able to review past projects from other municipalities so that you know how the contractors handled the job, from start to finish. The paving contractor should be able to manage a large-scale project from start to finish and demonstrate the ability to stay on time and on budget. Espina Paving has 30 years of experience in the commercial, industrial and municipal paving industry, so we know what it takes to do the big jobs. In fact, here is a video showing how we did a full-depth replacement of a long stretch of road in the Town of Vienna, Virginia (Tapawingo Road):

Video: Town of Vienna, VA: Full-Depth Paving of Tapawingo Road

This involved complete removal of the old asphalt, down to the foundational sub base. We used our Wirtgen 1200 milling machine to grind up the old asphalt. After completely re-compacting the sub base, we then installed the new asphalt roadway to the specified depth.

2. Large-Scale and Industrial Paving Experience

The best municipal paving contractor will have a wide-range of paving experience for large paving jobs. Again, reviewing each contractor’s past jobs will provide valuable insight into the company’s ability to manage large-scale paving projects and complete them to the customer’s satisfaction. One comparable type of paving project that municipalities can look at is paving for homeowners’ associations. These are generally large-scale projects for entire neighborhoods that serve many residents and people traveling through. On Espina Paving’s testimonials page, the president of one of the many homeowners’ associations that Espina Paving has worked for commented that:Customer Testimonial “Espina Paving always responded to my inquiries in a timely, informative and thoughtful manner. Joey is the consummate professional. In August 2014, Espina milled and paved one of our roads. Joey was there from the beginning to the end of the process. We were very pleased with the work performed by Espina. In the future, when additional work is required for our community, we will not hesitate in utilizing Espina Paving for our major asphalt needs.”

—President Georgetown Woods Townhome Community

So be sure to check references and look into previous jobs done by potential municipal paving contractors.

3. Follows Environmental and Storm Water Regulations

With changing laws, codes and public concern about environmental quality standards, it is essential to choose a municipal paving contractor that not only understands these requirements, but has demonstrated an ability to meet and exceed all environmental regulations, particularly as to the quality of storm water runoff. Espina Paving is extremely concerned about the environmental impact of all of its jobs and has adopted environmentally-conscious paving practices, including porous asphalt surfaces. This type of asphalt surface actually filters stormwater runoff so that it is far cleaner when it reaches Northern Virginia streams and rivers. In addition, Espina recycles nearly all of its materials and uses recycled materials, with the latest technology, to install cleaner, stronger pavement in all of its jobs while drastically reducing the need for landfill space. That’s something everyone in town can feel good about! If your town needs new roadways paved, contact Espina Paving—we have the experience, technology and professionalism you need for your municipal paving project. Call us today at (703) 491-9100 or fill out our contact form to discuss your town’s needs.


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