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Lakes, streams, backed-up ditches—oh no! These are not the sort of things you want to see in your parking lot on a regular basis because water can be one of your asphalt’s worst enemies if it does not drain away properly. Good drainage is very important and a well-built parking lot will have the appropriate manholes and sewer drains planned and built into the system so that excess water can evacuate the premises before it starts to seep in where it shouldn’t and cause damage. This is why it’s so important to watch for any signs your parking lot sewer drain or manhole needs repair, and to contact Espina Paving at 703-491-9100 right away if you suspect there is a problem. Prompt action could save you from more costly repairs or having to prematurely replace your parking lot altogether.

Parking Lot Drainage Problem #1: Excessive Ponding and Pooling

Does stormy weather leave long-standing ponds of water in certain areas of your parking lot? This can cause problems for drivers and pedestrians trying to access your establishment. They are unsightly and give the water ample opportunity to seep into small cracks where they can start damaging the foundation of the parking lot. If these ponds are ignored and the water remains there over the winter and starts going through the freeze-thaw process, you’re looking at future cracking and potholes. So this kind of water pooling is one of the biggest signs your parking lot sewer drain or manhole needs repair or maintenance—the sooner the better. Potential causes of parking lot ponds include:

  • Uneven areas or poor slope in the parking lot. When the parking lot is first installed, it should be constructed with strategic, if almost imperceptible sloping that guides water into the appropriate drains with enough coercion that there is no temptation for it to stick around on the surface of our parking lot.
  • Curbs and Drain Systems. Curbs should also be designed to direct water away from the property and parking lot and into the proper drainage system that allows water to flow freely into its appropriate channels.

Parking Lot Drainage Problem #2: Clogged Sewer Drains

Road and street debris, leaves, silt, roots and other things can build up over time and clog the sewers and drains responsible for distributing water away from your parking lot. For that reason, you should have a drain and sewer inspection/cleaning every year to remove any burgeoning blockages and intrusive root systems that could cause water to drain slowly and even back up and cause potential flooding problems during periods of heavy or extended rain. Skipping this important yearly maintenance can spell costly trouble for your parking lot. And in extreme situations, can even lead to flooding on other areas higher up on your property.

Parking Lot Drainage Problem #3: Brick and Mortar Crumbling around Manholes and Catch Drains

Well-built manhole and catch drain supports can last for years and years, but extreme weather can erode and damage them. If pooling in these areas is already a problem, the situation can deteriorate even more rapidly and make the manholes and surrounding drain surfaces unstable and even drag them to the point of collapse. This can be a danger for both people and vehicles in your parking lot. Make sure to regularly inspect these areas for any type of damage so that it can be evaluated and repaired immediately to prevent these hazards from occurring.

Our parking lot pavement and drainage experts can help you if you notice any of these signs your parking lot sewer drain or manhole needs repair. We can also help with regular inspections to increase your chances of catching small problems before they become big, expensive and dangerous. Contact Espina Paving today at 703-491-9100 to learn more.

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